Top 5 Must Play Puzzle Games

using GPS on a smartphoneOne of the best ways of keeping your mind focused and occupied is by playing puzzle games. For the past few years, this mobile game genre has developed consistently, as game developers are finding and developing new ways of teasing our brains and making us think critically. From physical puzzle to abstract games and more, we are going to outline 5 must play puzzle games that you should watch out for this year. Here is the list of the best games for both Android and IOS.

Five must play puzzle games.


This game puts you in control of an elastic young boy who has an affinity for dying in unpleasant ways. Your main goal is to guide the boy through the netherworld, which it consists of more and more difficult puzzles as he looks for his sister. The visual and hearing aesthetic are astonishing, and as you go along, the puzzles become more intricate, but it never gets too complicated, though. Limbo game is more of an understanding than a challenge and is best played during the night.


Cross me is an extraordinary, soothing blend of painting by numbers and Sudoku. It presents a lattice with numbers which run down the side, and your mission is to form pixilated images of different animals’ objects by filling in the blank square in correspondence with the figures/numbers. The difficulty curve will be very welcoming once you have figured out the ideal way to approach the puzzles.

Monument Valley

playing Pokemon GoMonument Valley is awfully appealing and clever. It is relatively short, plus its puzzles are never frustrating when playing. The game involves controlling a hooded princess whom you must guide her through Esther-like areas/scenes and the only way to achieve this is by using isomeric manipulation and perspective. This game is very fun and critical too.

The Room 2

Room 2 is more of atmospheric than action-packed. Observation is the only key to this game because you have to walk around and explore different objects and rooms in order to piece together clues and riddles. This game is consistently engaging and clever. It runs smoothly with amazing graphics and was specifically built for mobile phone platforms


This is a popular free puzzle game that has simple rules. You simply start with a collection of tiles with number 2 on them, and you simply combine them together to create fours, then eights, then sixteen, etc. until you cannot make anymore moves. It is a superb brain teaser that has no story line